LEAN Supply Chain Planning - The New Supply Chain Management Planning Paradigm to Master Today’s VUCA World

Many global supply chains in process industries are neither equipped nor orchestrated to cope effectively with the new VUCA world we are facing. VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity - is an acronym that originated in the military back in the late 1990s and was quickly adapted to the business environment. It describes precisely the conditions of increasing variability and uncertainty of demand, and the complexity and ambiguity of product portfolios and supply chain networks in which companies operate today.

Facing the threat of increasing VUCA challenges, manufacturers are left grasping for what it means to build a superior SCM organization that is capable of managing these challenges effectively. Questions that might occur are:

  • Which elements of the agility enablers in SCM should be strategically chosen to manage future VUCA dynamics?
  • Which aspects of today’s operational and organizational lean initiatives are delivering the tangible cost and efficiency results?
  • How can supply chain organizations sustain reliable supply in an era of ever-widening virtualization of supply networks and increasing exposure to global risk?

In response to these challenges, CAMELOT Consulting Group has worked jointly with leading research institutes and key global industry players  like NovartisAstraZeneca and Eli Lilly to come up with “LEAN Supply Chain Planning - The New Supply Chain Management Planning Paradigm to Master Today’s VUCA World”. The paradigm change in orchestrating supply chains is best explained by laying out a new approach to managing variability, uncertainty, and complexity in today’s planning processes and systems.

On this homepage you will find information on the most important LEAN Supply Chain concepts, IT tools, and best practice industry examples contributed by the key global industry players.

  • “It is not only about key performance indicators and delivery service but also the ability to properly communicate accurate and meaningful supply chain information in a multi-cultural and cross-functional environment across geographies.” Dr. Ralph Billo, Head Global Supply Chain Management

  • “There is no better planning concept than the Rhythm Wheel, I am convinced of this.” André Wulff, former Planning Head, AstraZeneca Germany

  • “From an end-to-end perspective, what really counts is what remains visible and measurable for our customers.” Christophe Vidonne, Head Supply Chain Management

  • “It is not about improving the accuracy of the forecast and reducing the amount of uncertainty in the future, it is about eliminating the need for certainty.” Ronald W. Bohl, Senior director supply chain

  • "This book represents the first complete work on the topic of LEAN Supply Chain Planning in the process industry and is interesting and relevant for both practitioners and scientists alike," Prof. Dr. Gerd J. Hahn, University of Mannheim

  • "If your company lives through a lean journey, this book will be a helpful compass throughout all the stages of it." David Smith, Executive Vice President of Operations, AstraZeneca

  • “To meet our challenging goals we need a systematic and scientific approach for sustainable improvement of our processes. LEAN SCM is developing and providing the roadmap”, Thomas Semlinger, Head of Production Construction Chemicals Europe (E-EBE), PCI Europe

  • “Our Lean Supply Chain Visibility initiative reshaped our operations and supply chain management operating model with fundamental new global capabilities to realize end-to-end lean and agile supply chains and a step change in information systems”, Andy Evans, Head of global SC planning, AstraZeneca

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